Aries is one of the first companies recognized by CDC as a provider of barrier face coverings conforming to the ASTM F3502-21 standard requirements

Barrier Face Covering is currently the only one to meet Level 2 performance on both Filtration and Breathability

Raleigh, NC —[August 19, 2021] — Aries is pleased to announced they are one of the first companies to be listed on the CDC site for Barrier Face Coverings (Face Masks) and NIOSH Performance/Performance Plus Masks conforming to the ASTM 3502-21 standard; As of publication, Aries is the only mask on the list that conforms to level 2 for both Filtration and Breathability for the ASTM 3502 standard and is also the only product 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA.

The ASTM F3502-21 standard establishes a national standard baseline for design, performance, and testing requirements for Barrier Face Coverings (BFC’s) to allow comparison of products by end users. To meet the standard, products must report and exceed minimum performance for protection (particulate filtration efficiency), as well as comfort and breathability (air flow resistance). It was created in a joint effort by ASTM International, the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL), as well as industry and academic experts.

“The unique combination of fabrics in the Aries face coverings allowed for us to meet Level 2 for both filtration and breathability, with test results that are more than 2 times greater than other products currently listed,” said Chris Evans, CEO of Aries. “In contrast to cloth face masks that typically have a filtration efficiency of less than 30%, Aries offers not only the comfort and breathability of a cloth face mask but superior protection against viruses and bacteria like a medical mask. Our masks carry the ‘meets ASTM 3502’ label on each product, guaranteeing that users are getting the performance they expect.”

Aries worked with NC State University’s Nonwovens Institute to add proprietary features to a novel fabric made from two different polymers, which combine to make a single fiber, branded Captur™. The fabric includes Ingeo™, a bioplastic with a smaller carbon footprint than petroleum-based polymers, making it one of the most sustainable face coverings on the market. Each face covering is designed to last for 40-hours, or a typical 5-day work week. All components are sourced and manufactured in the United States.

This innovative fabric was developed in response to the ongoing supply chain constraints for meltblown fabric, which is typically used in medical masks and contributed to the mask shortages at the beginning of the pandemic. Meltblown fabric is often a critical component of medical masks because it has an electrostatic charge that captures sub-micron particles, increasing the filtration capabilities. But, because Captur’s unique manufacturing process adds an electrostatic charge, a meltblown layer is not needed, resulting in a single-layer mask with both high filtration and breathability.

About Aries
At Aries (pronounced Air-ease), we believe that wearing a mask should not be an unpleasant experience. What good is high filtration capacity if you are constantly removing or adjusting your mask throughout the day in order to breathe?
Aries is dedicated to creating the best protective mask solutions through innovation. The company has partnered with leading U.S. providers of polymers and engineered fabrics to make Captur, a novel, engineered fabric technology providing high levels of protective filtration combined with breathability. These superior masks solve the challenges of material availability, filtration, and comfort. Made 100% in the U.S., Aries ensures organizations are buying the highest quality mask to protect them and their employees.