Aries No-Fog Mask

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Did you know that fogging glasses are more than an inconvenience?
It’s actually a quick gauge for how well your mask fits. If your glasses are fogging, that means moisture (and possibly infectious disease particles) are leaking around the mask’s edges.

Whether or not you are wearing glasses, contacts, or nothing at all, when a face mask doesn’t fit properly, it pushes air upward, onto the eyes, potentially causing the tear film — the liquid layer that coats the eyes’ surface — to evaporate more quickly. This may lead to Mask-Associated Dry Eye (MADE) leaving the eyes feeling sore, gritty, dry, and irritated.

The unique design of the Aries mask may significantly reduce fogging on glasses as well as offering high protection and maximum breathability. The mask is designed to be worn for 40 hours.  Give it a week and see the difference. Your eyes will thank you!

Key benefits

  • Adjustable nose wire provides a custom and secure seal to reduce glass fogging
  • Combines maximum filtration performance with low breathing resistance
  • Soft, hypoallergenic material repels moisture and delivers comfort throughout the day
  • Ultra-lightweight material for breathability ease without compromising filtration
  • Can be worn up to 40 hours, significantly reducing waste compared to single use masks
  • Protects the wearer from harmful particles while approaching the material breathability performance of traditional medical masks